Equal Opportunities

Our policy is always to ensure that all persons are treated fairly irrespective of their colour, race, sex, sexual orientation, age or youth, religion, political beliefs, trade union membership or non-membership, marital and physical or mental status or any other factors including pregnancy, maternity and paternity. We will endeavour to provide those who have physical or mental disabilities with specific assistance and arrangements to enable them to work for us wherever and whenever this is reasonably practical. There will be no differential in pay on the grounds of a persons sex.

  • BHE Services (Bolton) Ltd is committed to the principles of equal opportunity for all and specifically prohibits discrimination of every type.
  • We expect all employees irrespective of position to comply in every respect with this policy at all times.

We expect supervision and management at all levels:

  • to ensure the principles in this policy are implemented at all times and to correct employees under their control who breach these principles (and to implement sanctions for anyone continuing to breach these principles);
  • to support and encourage employees in their work and to develop themselves within parameters acceptable to them;
  • to treat all employees fairly, to listen to and give due consideration to their views and the views of anyone speaking or acting on their behalf;
  • where discipline must be applied, to do so fairly and in accordance with natural justice as well as the company‚Äôs disciplinary policy;
  • to be proactive in watching for any breach of this policy and to take action should such a breach be apparent.