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New gas boiler installation in Windermere

BHE Services offers a complete and professional gas boiler installation service in Windermere and South Lakes, carried out by a dedicated team.

With local engineers in Windermere and the South Lakes ready to take your call, we’re able to get to you quickly for a no obligation survey and to […]

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Gas Boiler Installation

New year, new gas boiler?
Your home may be ship-shape and organised for the year ahead, but what about your boiler?

Behind the scenes, your heating system should be working extra hard to keep you and your home warm and comfortable during the cold winter months, but is your boiler still […]

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Install your new gas boiler for a comfortable Winter!

Gas boiler installations in Bolton, Wigan and the North West!
A new energy-saving boiler will not only save you money and reduce your carbon footprint, but boiler installation by our experienced family-run team will give you the reassurance that your home will stay warm, not just at Christmas but all year round.


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Caring for your holiday home through the winter

Your holiday home is a welcome retreat over summer, but have you prepared your property for the upcoming winter months? Cold snaps in the winter can cause extensive damage to your holiday home where pipes freeze and burst, electrics fail or gas appliances are not properly closed off.

At BHE our trusted gas heating, plumbing and electrical engineers have the knowledge and experience to protect your property, taking care of all aspects of holiday home maintenance both before and after the season.


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Getting your home ready for winter

The weather outside is getting colder but we want your home to remain warm, welcoming and safe. There are twice as many gas boiler breakdowns between mid-October and mid-November; millions of people turn on their boilers for the first time after summer and faults often quickly occur, particularly in older or poorly-serviced boilers.

It’s vital to get your boiler serviced regularly, particularly during the autumn, saving you the trouble of a broken boiler and a cold home.


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Boiler Repairs by BHE

As winter fast approaches it’s that time of year when our boilers are required to work overtime.

At BHE, we know how essential it is to keep families warm and comfortable during the cold months ahead and we have an army of engineers ready to carry out boiler repairs, should your heating system buckle under the strain.


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Boiler Servicing in Wigan and Bolton

There’s a chill in the air and the nights are drawing in. That usually means it’s time to batten down the hatches, ramp up the heating and get cosy.


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BHE and Oxford Grove U16s: The Perfect Team!

BHE Services’ Head Office team is proud to support our local community in Bolton.

We recently agreed to sponsor Oxford Grove Under 16s, a great young football team based on Spa Road in Bolton and we’re delighted to reveal the team’s new kit for the 2017/18 season!


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Keep energy costs down with infrared heating panels!

As one of the most energy-efficient heating options on the market, infrared panels are fast becoming the ‘must have’ technology for those seeking a discreet yet affordable heating solution.

Plugged into a normal socket or wired to the main electricity box, infrared panels are slimline and highly effective.

Panels are usually fixed to the wall or ceiling depending on their size and can easily be moved from room to room. Smaller panels can also be fitted onto anglepoise stands if required.


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Landlord Gas Safety Checks and Records: What are your obligations?

Protecting your tenants with regular gas safety checks
As a landlord, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that all gas appliances, fittings and chimneys or flues within your rented property are safe.

This means regular servicing according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, plus annual gas safety checks which must be carried out by a fully qualified engineer.


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